Business Philosophy

The business philosophy of Shing Fuh Tai Technology Corp. includes “Refinement”, “R&D” and “Innovation”.


Utilize more than 30 years of experience to vigorously overcome obstacles in “Quality and Technology”.  Improve “Quality” and refine “Technology” with further self-disciplines.


More than 30 years of experience in processing, die casting, management and research and development.


Gather peers with various specialties in the same industry to form a specialized team, resulting in an up and down vertical integration.


Provide services with quality and added value to clients.


The value of professionalism comes from the inherent and team-oriented professional services.


For the processing of various materials, surface treatment and die casting, we can use the most appropriate manufacturing process to provide the most consistent quality and service to you.


 “Future” world has the complexity that requires more professional teams to do “Integrated Process”.


Looking into the future, Shing FuhTai will use the most professional technology to become a company with core competences in high quality and efficiency.



We will continuously innovate in technology and integrate the specialties of the team to provide corporate sustainability, providing clients with superior quality and specialized technology.